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We deliver constant peace of mind with changing technology.

Yamamoto Industries was established in 1946. Since then, we have been meeting the various needs of our customers by developing new technologies and products and improving quality from a new perspective based on our management philosophy. We contribute broadly to society by responding to changes and constantly creating new values. Furthermore, we have been operating under the corporate mottoes of harmony, sincerity, perseverance, creativity, and affection, and respect for people is our top priority in our corporate culture. Today, our core businesses are drum business, engineering business, and contracting business.

In our drum business, we supply products mainly to petrochemical manufacturers. By sincerely addressing the increasing requirements of our customers for quality and striving for a stable supply, we have gained the top share in the industry in terms of drum production volume in Okayama and areas west of Okayama.
In our engineering business, we plan, design, and manufacture the Baghouse Dust Collector for industrial machinery, the Tubular Conveyor for conveying equipment, and the Super Elbow. Our customers highly evaluate our products.
Furthermore, our products contribute greatly to environmental preservation due to their unique characteristics. In addition, to capture business opportunities in the ASEAN region, we opened the Representative Office Hanoi in Vietnam in 2015.

Many cement plants are located in the northern Kyushu and Yamaguchi areas. We are developing a contracting business for cement plants using the technology and know-how we have cultivated in our engineering business for facility maintenance and upkeep. Kyushu is home to one of the largest automobile-related businesses in Japan and is known as “Car Island Kyushu.” We undertake tire and wheel setting operations and play a role in the automotive industry.

With safety as our top priority, we will continue engaging in corporate activities that contribute to society and the global environment while adding ESG and SDG elements to our technology and compliance-oriented management.

Be safe today and in the future.

Kazuo Yamamoto
President and Chief Operating Officer
Kazuo Yamamoto

Management Philosophy

We contribute broadly to society
by responding to changes
and constantly creating new values.


Corporate Mottoes

Harmony Always put yourself in other people’s shoes.
Tolerance and elegance make you bigger and brighten your workplace.
Sincerity Let public sincerity be your creed.
A rich personality is created by nature.
Perseverance Cultivate a strong, can-do attitude and an indomitable spirit of hard work.
Self-improvement promises power and progress.
Creativity We industrialists are motivated, ingenious, and happy to do research.
That is where youth and passion are born.
Affection Love your co-workers, your job, and your workplace.