Super Elbow

Super Elbow

The Super Elbow is used for the pneumatic conveying of powders in all fields and placed at each piping corner to reduce piping problems.

Mechanism of Super Elbow

The Super Elbow makes a spherical depression at the corner, thus allowing suspended particles in the depression to rotate gently. The gentle rotation of the suspended particles changes the flow of the transported material, minimizing collisions with the wall surface and reducing wear, thereby extending the service life of the elbow section.

Powders entering the Super Elbow rotate very slowly from top to bottom, as indicated by the arrow at the depression. They are blown up at the depression entrance, redirecting subsequent powders to the top.

Most of the powder layer away from the bottom in the depression hits the powder floating and flowing into the air pushed up to the top, leading it to the discharge side. This way, the collision area is reduced, and the friction speed is slowed to prevent turbulence.

Mechanism of Super Elbow Mechanism of Super Elbow

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Roles of Super Elbow

The pneumatic conveying of powders is used in every field.
The Super Elbow at each piping corner will strongly ally in pneumatic conveying to reduce piping problems.


Reduces the number of collision areas
and slows down the friction velocity.

The gentle rotation of suspended particles changes the flow
of the transported material, minimizing collisions with walls
in the transport piping and preventing wear.


Decreases trouble.

Conventional piping parts such as short elbows, long elbows,
and T-junction pipes used at the corners of pneumatic conveying have problems,
such as wear, blockage, and shape change, but these problems can be reduced.


Various advantages.

With fewer troubles and longer service life with the Super Elbow, maintenance costs can be reduced, equipment operating rates can be improved, and the necessity for work at heights can be reduced.

Features and Advantages of Super Elbow

The following effects can be expected
by extending the service life of pipe elbow sections:


Reduction of dust dispersal


Improved equipment uptime


Reduction of maintenance cost


Reduction of work at heights
(hazardous work)

List of Main Dimensions of Super Elbow

The dimensions of the Super Elbow, a unit manufactured and supplied to reduce problems in transport piping, are as follows:

90°Super Elbow
45°Super Elbow
90° Super Elbow
45° Super Elbow

Case example

Case example